Imagine a music industry where...

we believe we can make it happen!

is a network of people, places, tools and resources - all about music, accessible to everyone, anywhere, always.

BAAM! (Because it's all about music) is aimed to be a one stop shop for both Amateurs & Professionals who are looking for resources, from a JamPad to Rehearse, a Studio to Record their album, a Music School to hone their skills, to Buy Equipment or Accessories or simply to Connect and build their network.

We envision BAAM! as a platform that makes it very easy for people and businesses in the music industry to discover different resources they need, grow their network and promote themselves.

The Team

carl abraham


Carl's a bassist by day and tech expert by night. Most people would think it's the other way around, but it really isn't.Being a part of Half Step Down for 15 years and counting, he conceptualized BAAM for musicians alike. He also runs i22 Technologies, which is the go-to company for all things tech, works on three monitors simultaneously and never runs out of things to impress girls with.

pankaj bansal


Having done his business studies, Pankaj is Sales & Marketing guy by profession and a music lover by passion. The combination that inspired him to co-found BAAM! Being part of e-commerce industry, he is an ardent believer of the power of internet which he wants to bring to the music industry. He loves travelling, listening to old school rock and freshly brewed beer!

pawan gujral

Technical Expert

An avid programmer and musician, Pawan has been developing web-based user interfaces (UI) for over 14 years. With an interest in the latest in web development, his strength lies in applying cutting edge technologies to his work. Pawan is also a passionate drummer and runs Indian drummer, a community for drummers in India.

chandni sahi


Chandni studied Visual Communication Design at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, and has a passion for interaction design. She believes that there is nothing in this world that is void of design. You can find her glued to her computer with electronic music blaring from her headphones as she tackles screen after screen at Facet Design, a Delhi based design studio.

Tanmay J Chakraborty


A complex creature, a crazyass concert and wedding photographer and an ardent Alt-J fanboy, Tanmay discovered his love for music at a very early stage in life. After going through a routine 3-year stint working at different MNCs, he decided to wrap up and pay heed to his gut, which instinctively led him to photography and music management.

Special Thanks To..

  • Aakriti Dewan
  • Abraham George
  • Dev Kabir Malik
  • Jagdeep Malik
  • Nivida Chandra
  • Pallavi Malik
  • Suresh Bansal
  • Vanya Pandey