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with baam you can!

Showcase your jampad to musicians within your city and across India, giving you maximum visibility. We list your jampad in all its glory with pictures and list of equipment that you offer.

Musicians can see available slots and book online making the process completely hassle free for your users and you, increasing your business by more than 30%.

Payments are made up-front and a cancellation fee is paid by the customer if a booking is cancelled. This drastically reduces your cancellations and increases your productivity. You never will have an empty slot due to a cancellation again!

With our powerful backend, all your bookings are automatically scheduled into time slots per day. You can manage both online bookings as well as offline bookings, all in one, even through your phone! Now get rid of all that manual work.

You can quickly review how much business you are gaining in a day, week, or month. Transactions can easily be exported for reconciliation purposes.